20 Reasons Why I Wish You the Worst

1. You put on more makeup than I do

2. You didn’t get me a birthday present

3.  You claimed ownership of my black ring

4. You locked me in your room so I wouldn’t see her

5. You made me waste the day because you did drugs the night before and needed to sleep     Nexttome

6.  Your black ribbon

7.  You refused to get tested

8.  You didn’t get home until 9 am

9.  You told me to put on my makeup with the foamy wedges and not with my fingertips

10.  You got in a fist fight and you broke the bracelet I gave you

11.  You told me that you might have kids back in your country…You said, “I was young and irresponsible”

12. You took your cell phone with you in the bathroom
when you showered

13. You said you liked to see my ribs…I still feel the
seams ripping from my jeans

14.  The black ribbon was on the bed…You said it was
part of a costume…You said you were a Catholic school
girl, but it wasn’t Halloween

15. You asked me to get tested

16.  You made me drink too much booze…When I waited for you to come home at night and you never came, booze became my substitute man

17. You told me if I didn’t use the foamy make up wedges my skin would start to look greasy and old

18.  You said, “I lost my puppy when I was seven”…You kept a blanket with cartoon dogs printed on it on your bed, and when my feet were cold you pulled it off with force

19.  You hid the picture of my favorite DJ behind my closet door

20.  You told me no, not that dress, no, not the black pants, the black pin-stripped pants.  And I felt like you were saying not these arms, not these legs, not this girl

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