We brush our teeth outside the truck

Mini mountains of toothpaste foam soak in the grass

Strolling through the park we reach concrete and city houses

Etched names in the concrete

You show me yours next to the coffee shop

We have some quarters to share a cup

Down the streets we roam

And find the place we first kissed

Up against the wall

I was in a penguin suit

You didn’t dress up that year

We see the Cherry Blossom petals float off into the wind like a first snow

A strange dog in a Jesus van with bibles and crosses

A man with brown teeth who asks if we’re engaged

There are flowers blooming in the night

And sayings on the bathroom walls

And you carry a burning incense stick around with us

Musicians sing to you and me and play the harmonica, drums, and guitar all at once

And all at once we wake up in the back of the truck and you open the side hatch

And it is our window at dawn so we can see the Oaks and elms and redwoods

The light shines through and side by side we laugh, we lie, we scream, we fly

And you that morning, behind the camera, shooting me-the one eye I could see

Told me all at once I love you

And once, I loved you too.

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