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Babylon Salon Reading 2/28/2008

Quote of the Day

“In every head, there’s a little world.” -Unknown

The Deception of Butterflies

At the beach we read

And I lie my head on your chest

I look up at the cloudless sky

and my mind drifts like the seaweed and sand

shifting back and forth

But there is no reason for


Here things are already established

The cliffs that curl over

our heads

like frozen waves

The sea

People passing by in loud summer


Our towel, we share like a home

In only a moment looking up at the sky

I feel the word: infinity

I photograph you

but know as long as I’m here

I’ll remember anyway.

Montreal on a Sunday

Open Spaces

Purple, white, yellow wildflowers

Green fields

Corn, cows, ponies

A giant red apple



Cobblestone streets

Getting to know someone well

Parliament buildings (hiding under windows from a torrential down pour)

Hand dryers vs. paper towels

Bell tower view at parliament building


Le Academie


French wine


Sleeping in until 2, going to bed at 5

Parks (boats)


Block like stone/lovers dancing

French Franco Folie

Vibrant colors-red flowers-elegant people

A mansion converted into a club



Rushing/kissing/sleepy drives

Nissan Sentras