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I sit in the abandoned vehicle and ponder what I have become.

October 28, 2011

“I’m probably writing music now for the same reason as I started writing songs when I was 14-to meet women.”

-Billy Joel



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October 26, 2011

“The pen is the tongue of the mind.”

-Miguel de Cervantes




In the night I lose my breath thinking of your hands on my back

Your smoky lips and long eyelashes

Your deep voice that sometimes you recorded

In the night, you come to me in clips of dream and memory

I learn to sleep often, in an attempt to find you again

In the night, I read a card you wrote me many months ago.

Title: “All that is good and sweet and true came to me because of you”

The hills are rocky and steep, jutting out like knives.  Reminisce of others lay cracked and dull at the foot.  Looking up I can see her, even through the clouds.  So peaceful, gracefully floating like mist between the valleys staring at the snow-capped peaks.  Her sky dance around the sun is a hot and cold one.  One you can feel.  An eclipse of a goddess, moves freely above oh so high playing with light and shadow.  The breeze oh so gentle for her-lifts her hair like those lifting the train of a wedding gown.  I see parts of her flash before me as if the wind carried her down piece by piece.  Her blessed feet, so tender so soft, so perfect, untouched; floating foundation.  Her palms, so clean and healthy joined to an unscared wrist.   Her hands never closed, never flinched.  Two open empty hands.  White veils blow against my face as she gets closer.  Flowers lean, trees point and stare, leaves come and join.  Unveiled her eyes, soulful eyes was all I could see.  The goddess and I wrapped in silk, cocooning us, diffusing the world around us.  Her eyes blink slowly like a resting butterfly.  I watch her breathe, floating, moving, as if in deep waters, I can see dreams of peace and harmony through the woven orb we now live in.  Sharp sparkles ricochet her brilliance in the distance.  Oh how far we seem.  We dance, we spin, we twirl.  She whispers “This is love.”  My empty soul absorbs the beauty she gives.  I whisper back, “I love you.”  I held her hand, she held the void in my chest, corking her beauty inside me.  My eyes flourish, my hair lengthens, ears hear birds sing.  So clean, so pure, oceans of milk below fill the valley.  Legs wrapped around me, we kiss, I cradle her, my hands fit perfectly.  Holding life, an angel, I hold her tight as she spins us like children on a tire swing.  I whisper, “I’ll never let go.” She opens her face with a smile.  In heaven again.  Open arms, fingers on harps, my love, my love.  I love in you everybody, I love through you the world, I love in you also myself.  Ready when you are, for you are the one.  Blissfully yours.


Back to sleep.

Drifting dreamer I’ve become.

October 25, 2011

“I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew.  Writing a poem is discovering.”

-Robert Frost

October 18, 2011

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” -Oscar Wilde