For Just One Second

Side by side
We lay in ancient tombs
The world still forming shape
Ultraviolet undaes
Stratosphere seduction

Through: aurora, bolide, catena, nebula
We fly
Soaring through the rot and dust we rise
Fire eyes and frothy lips
We kiss a moonbeam kiss
and slow dance on Saturn’s rings
Oh Jovian planet-exquisite
I summersault, you flip
Birds and glowing butterflies
Cliffs that curl over our heads like frozen waves
We die, we die, we dance, we die

Vast oceanus sprawling wide
just for one second
we dive, die, dive
and orbit the universe inhaling each others light
Mons, planum
like spirits on a quest for plage,
we move through you.

We feel you.

Alpha Centauri leaves a lasting glow in our eyes.

We settle in our ancient tombs
Pulsing rapture
A white feather
Rotting teeth
Sleep on my shoulder

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